Praise - Oval Motorcycles Centre

Got the Gisser in today for a total fluid flush. Breaks, oil and coolant amongst other things. Matt is a wealth of knowledge and showed me how to service the bike properly. I never would have thought that you have to lube the clutch cables?!?!?:w00t:

The bike feels so tight and new now:D

I’ll be back!:slight_smile:

PS: Desmo… Let us in!!;):stuck_out_tongue:

Some pics from the day…:slight_smile:

I think Matt has introduced me to a new level of OCD cleaning:w00t:

What is that red wire?

It’s jaime’s catheter so that he doesn’t have to stop rideouts! :stuck_out_tongue:

barsteward! :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s for the 12v socket for the nav :slight_smile: