PRAISE - Oval Motorcycle Centre

This place does exactly what it says on the tin.

It is an open workshop, has all the tools you need and makes light of any job you need.

I wheeled the bike in there for an hour and changed my steering damper, OK should have been a 20 min job, but the environment lends itself to tinkering :). I rode in with no tools, and rode out with no tools. £20 well spent in my opinion.

DesmoMan is a friendly bloke, wish him all the best for this venture.

I think that it’s a superb idea, will be posting it’s existence and web link on other forums I use, assuming that’s okay?


Not my call, but don’t think it would be a problem seeing as they have ads here :slight_smile:

No problem with me… spread the word my friend…

Do they help you aswell?

Yeap there are people around that can assist :slight_smile:

Spent several hours there yesterday changing my brake and clutch levers and then cleaning up after Sunday’s ride.

Matt could not have been more helpful and showed/taught me a lot :smiley: he will assist as much as you want him to.

Later I screwed up the alarm (with the pressure washer) :w00t: and again Matt was the man to sort that out for me.

I shall be back there later this week with the other bike, it really is a great setup :slight_smile:


This place sounds good.The fella running it sounds very knowlegable aswell…

Seriously thinking about doing my 24000 mile service there, with Matt behind me I think its very doable but a couple of questions in my head keep popping up.:w00t:

  1. Do they have the equipment for balancing of throttle bodies, i.e. diagnostic gear.

  2. Valve clearances, correct tools for replacing valve shims.

If the answer is yes then I’ll be there nice and early next Saturday:)

Well just ring up & ask them - you have to ring or email to book a slot anyway (020 7720 3621)

Plan to pop into them Saturday for a chat/look around after bikes MOT;):cool:

hello rob, fell free to pop on in for a cuppa, and we can talk through what you need :slight_smile:

See you Saturday Matt, around 3’ish:cool:

Free cuppa and He’s there, He only stopped going to newbie nights coz everyone sussed He’s a ponce…ffs dont get the biscuits out, your never get rid of him :DI’ll pop over and have a gander Matt, sounds a brilliant set up :cool:

this is a fantastic business idea. so many people want to learn or dont have the tools. i truly hope it is a big success.

Even me, who is useless and breaks everything is thinking about using this service in future :slight_smile: