Praise - Oval Motorcycle Centre (yet again!!!)

Had a brilliant afternoon at the OMC today. Changed the head race bearings (didnt even know what these were until a couple of weeks ago lol!) which involved all sorts of tools (including a power tool woohoo!) a lot of grease and muck and copious amounts of tea. Matt you are a gem, every time I go there I learn not only how to do the job in hand, but also a **** load more about how bikes function and what everything does.

Now, with my confidence rocketing with every turn of the rachet, its about time I tackle one of the more simple jobs on my own with a manual - bring the oil and filter change (sounds simple but this is huge for me!!)!

Oil and filter is pretty easy on GSXR. Did it once at OMC and did it again when I changed my engine recently. Once you seen it done you realise how easy it is :smiley: