Praise: Oval Motocycle Centre - First Experience

I booked some bench time today at Oval Motorcycle Centre to replace the chain and sprockets, and I have to say that it was great!  Of course being my first time there it probably took me twice as long as it would normally, but hey, I’ve gotta learn…

I would highly recommend using them if like me you want to do at least some of your own servicing and repairs, but you don’t have the facilities at home like a fully kitted garage!

Of course it helps that I live not far away in SW London as well…

I also had the chance whilst I was there to chat with some other customers who had popped in to work on their bikes.

All in all a great experience - I’ll definitely go back.


Many recommendations on here for the OMC. Well done for getting stuck in, what mo’cycle do you have and how long did replacement chain and sprockets take?

I have a faired 2002 CB600 Hornet which I only got recently (replacing my old CB500).  

I guess it should have taken me around an hour or so, but took nearly two, partly because it was my first time there and I’d never had to grind off a chain link before, but also partly because no one could believe the torque setting for the rear sprocket bolts quoted in my Haynes manual at 108Nm.  We had to check it against the Honda Service manual…  For once the Haynes manual was correct!

Anyway, really friendly people there, staff and customers.

Two hours is a fair time first time around well done. I’ve often felt an improvement on the Haynes reference to spanner symbols for degrees of difficulty for any given job would be for them to publish an idea of time required for a novice vs an improver vs a professional to complete these jobs. I just done the chain and sprockets on The 250, took me an hour and I’m supposed to know what I’m doing. I’m old school which puts those rear sprocket bolts at 80 lb ft in real money. It does seem a little OTT especially when compared to the front sprocket nut which is wound up to a mere 40 lb ft, that’s about 54 of you Nm’s.

So that works out exactly the same as the Hornet setting quoted in the Haynes - 54Nm (40lbf) front sprocket, 108Nm (80lbf) rear.  They really don’t want those sprockets to go anywhere, do they…??

I will look this up (again), but how do you know what lbf torque you’re applying when fastening a bolt? Do you need a special tool or something? - i use a torque wrench

yep a torque wrench

As above a torque wrench, Most of which are bi-lingual and can be set in the modern currency of Nm or in old school real money lb ft.

The exchange rate being 1 lb ft - 1.35582 Nm

So that works out exactly the same as the Hornet setting quoted in the Haynes - 54Nm (40lbf) front sprocket, 108Nm (80lbf) rear.  They really don't want those sprockets to go anywhere, do they...??
Its an across the board Honda specification thing, I think you'll find most of the Honda mo'cycles over 500cc and the large water jacket 250's are all the same.