Praise: our Giuliano

I just wanted to thank Julian (Giuliano on LB) who took valuable time off work to be the ‘knowledgeable friend’ who inspected my latest two wheeled purchase earlier today.

I think the seller was a little surprised when you got out the rubber gloves though :wink:

Thanks very much, I’m enjoying it so far.
Feels good to be back on two wheels!

No problems mate - someone needed to tell you to remove that sticker! Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me! :wink:


Oh hell what you got let loose on the roads riding now?:smiley:
Watch out everyone Garrets back on two wheels…minus the crutches i hope!:w00t:

No - the crutches fit under the seat!

Well done G - such a nice man:) No prizes for guessing what Garrett just bought though!!

It’s one of these, isn’t it.