Praise OMC!

Went down to Oval to get the bike sorted for Oil, plugs, filters and coolant… it was all getting a bit old and tatty! :slight_smile:

Spent a very pleasurable few hours getting everything done and this time managed to do it all in a personal best and (most importantly) without breaking anything or over tightening any bolts or nuts! Only think I forgot to do was to connect the front indicator properly, but that was easily ammended in 5 mins. Which means that I’ve been learning and the time spent at OMC is paying off… I’m no longer rushing things and I’m learning how to do things properly!

Oh and I also picked up 1-2 excellent tips from Matt on doing a few things… :smiley:

Wonder how many visits and hours I have to rack up before I know all his little tricks…

Cheers again guys, and the weather did clear up… just as I parked my bike up on my drive!!!