Praise -OMC

Popped into sort new clutch plates and springs. Job done in an hour and a bit thanks to having all the tools and bits and pieces you need, also Matt’s wielding the airgun with special clutch basket nut releaser… Sounds kinky that. Still, great place to work and I’ll be back again.

An update. Clutch was still slipping a bit and Matt had a look when I was in yesterday. Turns out the new springs were too long and had also cracked the clutch spring plate (new one on order now).

All sorted in the space of 30 minutes. Great to have his expertise and also insight into MotoGP riders as well.

Thanks again for a cracking good service and really appreciated the help! top notch service at what can only be called a bargain price.

Wicked to know, I was thinking of changing the clutch on my blade, but a tweak with the adjusters and its now sweet :slight_smile:

Good to know for when it does need doing! :slight_smile:

Taking two friends there on Monday, one to sort C&S for his Africa Twin and the other to sort leaking Ducati Monster… we hope!