Praise - OMC yet again !

Having ‘dropped’ my bike and grazed the pannier infill panel, Matt’s magic has returned it to new. Thanks Matt another excellent job :slight_smile:

tis great, weirdly the majority of people using it are riding triumphs? I would imagine if owning one of them it would be more cost effective to buy your own ramp/tools no?? :P:hehe::hehe::laugh:

i would suggest not dropping it next time Martina…:smiley:

Do you need a smiled club membership number?

I think that is more for proper sliding down the road style jobs wasn’t it? Martins was just a very slow, awkard camber losing of balance and placing the bike on the floor really.

There are those who have ‘dropped it’ and those who are yet to ‘drop it’ :wink:

How many times for you (including Norman !) :rolleyes: