Praise - OMC Maintenance Course

Since I’ve found some time tonight, thought I’d give a big thumbs up to Matt and Simon for the Maintenance course I did last month. I’ve been to OMC many a time now but everytime I go, it feels welcome and it’s a nice space to be in. This is partly the space, partly matt and simon who are always good to have a laugh with. Ok admittedly the laugh would usually be around something I did whilst trying to mangle by bike back together! The sump plug story is a good example and a point I seem to go over every time I’m there… But I digress

I really had no idea what was in stall for this course as I’d briefly skimmed the other reviews but could not see how it worked in reality. At first we were given the notes which matt went through stage by stage. The whole evening covers 6 or so topics, from basic checks on lights to brake pads, to bearings, to clutch cables yada yada. I’m not going to go into detail as to what is covered because that’s been mentioned before but what I will say is that what matt tells you and, more importantly, shows you is stuff I wish someone had told me before I bought my 2 bikes. They are great pointers as to how to check over a bike properly which will allow you to be confident in a purchase. So essentially you go through the notes to understand the theory and then you get up close and personal with one of the bikes on display. Matt was good enough to include all our bikes at one point or another to check different things.

But aside from this, they are great tips and tricks as to how to maintain your bike (or at least look out for issues with it) on a daily basis. For example, I don’t believe in any of my services on the GSR, has the clutch cable ever been lubed. When matt showed me this little trick, it had a completely different feel to it. And this is where the course pays dividends. It shows you how to feel for things so that you know when something is wrong, when it’s ok and when it’s just perfect. The theory is all well and good, and anyone can read something in a manual - but a manual cannot show you what it feels like to check headrace bearings (for example) and how to know when they feel wrong.

In my opinion worth every single penny of the £35 it cost - and I forgot to mention tea/ coffee and biscuits were provided!

I’m looking forward to mine on the 22nd :slight_smile: Free tea and bisuits?!?!? I reckon I could eat £35 worth of biscuits in one evening :wink:

Sounds good! I’m going to try and book onto one sometime soon.

I didn’t do the maintenance course, but i did use OMC for the first time the other day to change my discs n pads. It ended up cheaper than a garage quoted me AND i know its done properly, how many garages will actually clean every pot in a caliper when putting in new pads…
I had a great day there and would highly recommend it to anyone that loves their bike.

defo a thing everyone who rides a bike should do!

Looking forward to getting over there and doing some work on my own machine. It seems they have the patience of a saint, they might need it! :smiley:

I was going to do the course this month, until Matt told me he mixed up the dates :frowning:

Same here - there’s still a chance I’ll make it but it’s only about 50-50…

Oh :frowning: lol, am I on my lonesome then! :ermm: