Praise - OMC - life changing.

I know OMC gets a lot of mentions on the forum but … if you have a bike and no garage/drive you should take note. OMC provides a warm(ish), clean and really well equipped place to maintain or service your bike. Tea included.

Before Christmas a got the fettling bug and decided to order myself a new Nitron sport shock for the street triple (the standard shock has a habit of chucking you out of your seat on bumps). I’ve had a Nitron shock before and they are top gear so I paid my money. Phoning round garages to find someone to fit it got me a best price of £100 :pinch:

I had seen OMC on the forum so I phoned up and Matt suggested I come along to their maintenance evening and then he would have look how difficult it would be as a first job for a spanner novice.

The maintenance evening is great intro to OMC. It starts pretty noddy, but sensible stuff about tyres etc, and moves through suspension, brakes adjustments etc. Matt made the 3.5 hours fly by and you leave thinking that every newbie (and not so newbie) should be required to do a similar basic maintenance course. Lots of tea and lots of helpful well put together information about keeping your bike in roadworthy condition. Matt is nothing short of encyclopaedic.

Despite not being open last Saturday, Simon said he would be in the workshop and would help me through it. Simon was helpful and patient and the job was pretty easy, I even cleaned the chain and sorted out a few other bits and bobs. The other fettlers who turned up were friendly and helpful and at no point was I made to feel anything other than welcome.

Although I took 2 hours, I learnt loads, had good time, saved £50 and I know for certain that everything was done properly. I can’t see me using a dealer for oil, chains, pads etc ever again. I am now contemplating fitting a set of Maxton shock internals as I have somewhere to do it.

Max Praise.

+1 for OMC. Its a great place!