Praise: OMC (again!!!)

I’ve been riding since 2005 and I’ve learnt over the years to check and adjust my own chain, I played around with taking off some bits (seat, side panels, …) nothing of great consequence but enough to make me feel that I know my bike a little bit

I’ve been using OMC since they opened last year and I can’t praise them enough for everything that I’ve learnt since!
I did the Basic Maintenance Course a few weeks ago and that was an eye opener in itself.

Aside from that, so far I’ve removed and refitted the following:

  • the forks - changed the oil and the seals
  • the carbs - to clean them
  • the air box
  • the fuel tank and pipes
  • the exhaust
  • I changed the tyres (front and back)
  • I changed the chain and rear sprocket

… Matt’s and Simon’s help was invaluable in doing all of this!

Do I feel confident I can do all of this without supervision? Most of it! :cool:

Only two days ago I took the front and rear tyres off of two bikes to swap them over; except for a little help on the muscle side and with the tyre and balancing machines, I did the rest :cool:

My advice to anyone who isn’t hugely confident about their bike and how it works: book yourself on the OMC basic maintenance course and pop over for a cuppa - you’ll most likely end up learning something!!! :slight_smile: