Praise: NumNum!

NumNum is absolutely great, and this is a big public thank-you!

On today’s ride-out he listens to a squeaking coming from my drive belt, and offers that if I like I can follow him back to his garage after the ride-out and he’ll take a look at it. Never having worked on a scooter before (lots of motorbikes though!), he works out from first principles how to take everything apart and get to the clutch/variator assembly. It wasn’t an easy job, going through multiple fairings and covers and screws all over the place, but nothing phases him - he has a knack for everything, the experience is practically oozing out of his pores. He spots what’s making the noise by noticing traces of heat on a part of the flywheel, and realizes that it wasn’t properly seated and was rubbing against the casing. He puts it back in place as it should be, and puts every single piece of the bike back exactly as it should be, correctly torqued and with grease on the screws. The most professional “amateur bike mechanic” I’ve ever seen!

Now, I’m not sure if this makes any sense mechanically, but…on the ride home, it felt like I was on a completely different bike! Significantly smoother and more powerful acceleration - beforehand it was kind of “hesitant” when starting off (it would always lose the “traffic light grand prix” even against 125cc’s), now it has power straight off from the go. There was also not much difference previously in acceleration between half open and wide open throttle - now there’s a world of difference. So not only has he cured my squeak, he’s also discovered a bunch of extra horses I never knew it had :slight_smile:

Thanks NumNum!!


Awww shucks :blush: . It was nothing … I just hope that it stays seated and it was just not properly done last time . If it works loose or something and starts doing it again I think I have a bodge for it :wink:

Nice one Num… If I ever breakdown I’ll be in front of you :stuck_out_tongue:

I will hope your bike never breaks down … Hurrah we both win :wink:

To add to this NumNum also offered to help me adjust my hugger a bit but I didn’t want to spoil the rideout half way through so I just said to leave it. Thanks for the offer though :).

Keeping the sprit of LB up … :slight_smile: