Praise North London Mototrcycle Training and Oval Motorcycle Centre

I have recently experienced some wonderful WONDERFUL service from these companies, and they are so bloomin’ brilliant, that in a world where it just feels like every arsehole is out to rob you, these ones seem to really, really care about what they do. . .

The list so far is as follows:

North London Motorcycle Training/Greater London Motorcycles:-

I did my CBT and my DAS with them, and have subsequently bought nearly every single piece of gear from them. All at a fantastic rate, with honest, reliable advice. I have also had to have a lot of work done on the bike, and they are such good value, that I kinda feel like I am robbing them. . . . .

It is so nice, and so refreshing to have a company like this, that really gives a **** about what they do. Wonderful. Keep it up guys!! You are very loved.

Oval Motorcycle Centre:-

I have just got off a maintenance course tonight, and I feel so much more empowered, and excited by the idea that there is place, that creates to the opportunity for me to work on my own bike. Nothing is better than education, and these guys really seem to have the right idea. I am def gonna be taking the Fazer down to do all the mods I wanna do.