Praise - North London Motorcycle Training

Just pased my DAS (as the whole world and it’s dog now knows, lol) and wanted to say what great training I had from North London Motorcycle Training in Edgware. I passed 1st time and had NO prior riding experience.

The guys were great fun as well as great instructors which helps when you spend 5 whole days with them!

who was your instructor??

i used to work ther years ago!

I was with a few - Doug, John, Simon and Wayne all had the pleasure of teaching me to ride!

well done for passing,told you there were good,and craig if thats you,you still in stevenage

Thanks Egypt, it’s a massive relief!

How’s the Nubergring?

it was good thanks,

always is,weather was hot at the weekend then cooled down a bit,but a good relaxing break