Praise MV-woodster

Well after not seeing some potholes and getting pee’d off with it i thought ill bite the bullet and get a set ordered up after seeing woodys thread link i asked him what to go for and to get me a set.

3 days after paying i get a text so off to watford and an hour of chatting and fitting ive got lights i can see with!!:slight_smile: Im over the moon with the lights changed the side lights to white led to match the mains and in 30 hours of run time they will get even brighter:w00t:

Top man top service once ive got the money ill be getting some more parts off of him aswell.

Mate it was a pleasure we had a good chat and I’ll sort you out with what ever parts you decide to add to the bike cheers mate speak soon

That bike really is a battleship now.

In fact, I thought the Deathstar was following me and Shane on Friday night :smiley:

not for too long :slight_smile: the only bad point about these lights is you can see things so clearly which was a shame as i had afro’s wide load perched on shane’s b*tch seat infront of me for afew miles

it’s actually freaky how much more of the road you can see with them fitted. they were brilliant in the dusk ride home tonight.

Now i have the new wheels i will be ordering a set up for her;)


ok ok ill get her painted asap