PRAISE - MSG Racing / Road & Track

After a bit of confusion previously with Road and Track (the company was sold and my booking hadn’t been passed on), i’d just like to thank Gav and the boys down at MSG Racing for sorting me out yesterday in tuning my bike! Great bunch of guys - explained everything and then some on the bike, and due to the mix up previously, were good enough to put my bike on the dyno for free, as a good will gesture! (Didn’t have to do that, but i appreciated it!)

Turns out the bike was fuelling ok, just my crappy riding that was letting it down! :smiley: So an extra 3bhp for cleaning the air filter, it turns out my 9r is running at 133bhp at the back wheel! Happy days! :D:D

Cheers guys!

Told ya!:smiley: I do know that BT fckd the lines up and it took over a week to sort it, and with the original owner, probably not being the most helpful, set them back a bit. Good to know they’re all sorted now.:slight_smile:

I will not let anyone else touch my bikes. Gav and Shaun really know their stuff. They have gone out of their way to help me out in the past.

I for one cannot praise them enough.:smiley:

I can defo see that quality in them and the way they work! Like i said, great bunch of guys, and really know their stuff too - were able to give me a few pointers on a few others bits about the bike too - and also had a look at my mates bike for him and give advice on a few bits! I’d highly recommend them!

And as a note on the side, that dyno is awesome!! :D:)