Praise Motolegends

Praise Motolegends. We ordered a Baglux from them but got the wrong model (our mistake not theirs). They sent out a new one with no postage costs and it arrived 3 days later even though the bags come from France.

OK, we did return the wrong one ourselves but it was worth the visit to their showroom to do so (Mrs J bought me a pair of boots while we were there) but you ought to go and have a look.

It`s motorcycle bespoke service with coffee and smiles.

Not cheap but if yer after good gear give them a visit. Their display of old bikes is impressive.

Its like buying a Purdy. (Not that Ive had to since inheriting my dads armoury)

A gentlemans outfitter for motorcyclists, we were most impressed.

I bought my Rukka Armaxis jacket from them- they price matched the German stores and I still got the 6 year warranty.