Praise : Motohaus

Brilliant customer service. Have ordered from them in the past, but encountered a problem with something I’d purchased from Ebay.

I’d bought an Alu Rack for my SV form ebay, after getting it noticed a few bits were missing, a few nuts and bolts, spacer and two small brackets.

Not a problem I thought, I can get most of it without any problem and make the brackets, everything fine except the brackets, my have a go attempt was rubbish. So I set out trying to find a company that could find/sell me spares.

I approached SW-Motech directly they were asking for £25 which included shipping but being in Germany I’d have to get my bank to send the money which would cost me another £20, not cheap!

I sent out emails to the companies I could find that sold it to find out if they could help me out, I was being quoted £20 for each bracket.

Motohaus however. They sent me a reply saying the parts were being shipped to them in the next order, I replied with my number so they could call me. I recieved another email a couple of days later, asking where I’d like the parts sent, no mention of payment again. So i gave them the address and my number again if they needed to speak to me. The parts arrived the following day, No charge.

They always have delivered to me very quickly on actual orders so thought if you hadn’t heard of them I’d bring them to your attention.