Praise - Motoden Honda!

As some of you may know my helmet’s left hand panel broke at the weekend while I was riding which resulted in my visor almost falling off while I was riding! Shockingly this fault isn’t covered under the warranty on a helmet that’s been loved and is less than a year old.

Enter Anthony and the team at Motoden this morning who despite my showing up as soon as they opened the doors at 8:30 were really helpful, provided me with a temporary replacement so I could still use my helmet, had convinced Arai to send out a replacement panel for free before 9:15 and will call me when it’s in so I can get it fitted!

These guys have consistently looked after me since getting my first bike from them less than a year ago and they deserve to be recommended - especially as technically they didn’t have to help out in this case!

Hi All:

Just a quick note to say thanks for the positive feedback.

Thanks for taking the time to post your experience with us on the site.

All too often, main dealers are criticized for not offering enough of a personal service, I hope this goes some way to show we really do appreciate the business that you, our customers provide.

Again, many thanks and if there is anything else we can help anyone with, please give us a call.

Kind Regards: George Dennison M.D.

020 7688 8888