(Praise) Moores Motorcycles

Moores Mororcycles / St Albans.

A Meta Alarm Bought and fitted.

A Service.

A Calibration on the Carbs.

Some “Furred Bolts” replaced.

Tank removed and pipes and wiring tidy.

Bike wiped over and looking clean and shiny.

One and a half hour wait while drinking Tea and looking over all the Newest Models and Kit in the Store.

£257 all in !!!

I think they need to buy a new calculator!

The alarm is worth £299 and at labour at say £40 pounds an hour plus the VAT…I think that sounds pretty good to me… Must have been a cash job!!!

…RO51 HOG…I think you sound like you very much liked the price !!!

And how much of a hurry were you in to leave?

Meep Meep!

A bit of ““Linford”” to the Car Park and lots of ““Rossi”” down the High Street !!!

Nope…I bought the Bike from there !!!