praise- Mo-Clean

thumbs up for their cleaning service

arranged for Aramagan to come to the office here and do a number of bikes.

my bike looks awesome (much better than i’d get it thats for sure). the plastics came up really well as did the exhaust polishing (the salt was doing it no favours whatsoever)

not the cheapest way to get your bike clean admittedly but if you get a few of you together he’ll do you a good discount over the listed price on the superwash.

All I can say is…

You lazy rich bast*rd

They do do a good job though from the pictures I saw on their site.

What no before and after pics


when my girlfriend found out how much it cost me to clean the bike, she volunteered to do it for the same money…naked

is she mobile as well

£45 quid right?

Can she do it at The Excel show on Saturday if i bring my bike?

I think you’re gonna get an overwhelming response if you start that as a service mate

JB, you lucky bugger. Share the love, my bike’s filthy. Can she do tomorrow?

lol nah, she’s washing ME tomrrow!

and she’ better be thorough…