Praise Mike Dawson MD Racing (Leatherhead)

My bike has felt weird for the last week and I was worried it was a fuelling problem. Mike rode it around the block at his workshop yesterday, realised immediately my throttle cable was loose and tightened it up perfectly all within 5 minutes of arriving there. Means I can now maintain the speed I want instead of having to keep adjusting the throttle :slight_smile:

Oh and he let me use a bench all morning so I stripped and cleaned my brakes (which now feel amazing…good reminder that its all very well buying a brembo master cylinder but just cleaning the brakes makes a massive difference. lol). I even cleaned the front sprocket of years of oil and dirt build up when I realised that the chain kept coming back round filthy.

ps Mike said that he might be up for letting other people use a bench on a Saturday morning when he’s in but you’d need to call him to discuss.
07783 024 248