Praise MCE Insurance.

I rang 2 weeks ago to get a quote for Fully comp, (1st fully comp quote ever) and was given a really good price i think £345 with my 1 years no claims bonus. Highway insurance couldnt even match it. They guys at MCE were very helpful, explained about my voluntary excess and i feel they covered all aspects of my policy.

Big Thumbs up!

Just check the paperwork when it comes through - each time I needed new papers (changing bikes etc) the vol. excess went up by about 200 quid !! - when I phoned them, each time they admitted that it was an error, but I got them to send out revised documents anyway.
Fortunately never had to use them (apart from once needing a breakdown van when I had a puncture on the 125)

also check that all your details (DOB, licence date etc) are correct
it’ll take you months to correct them :ermm:

and that the bike shows up on the askmid database :angry:

Check the facts sheet too - I found they had put me down as keeping the bike in a brick built garage. I believe this was done to reduce the quote artificially so I would buy a policy. It would have invalidated my insurance and opened me up to a charge of fraud as I do not have a garage and had told them so.

I cancelled the policy but it took a month to get a rebate and then they had the cheek to charge me £30 - I have taken the case to the insurance Ombudsman. Customer service is appalling - they are every nice until they they have your money and then they couldn’t give a damn.

If you have not yet paid then don’t - if you have paid then all you can hope for is good luck!