Praise: MCE Insurance + others

I recently had to get some new insurance; I had previously used the quote finder on the main LB site which came back with some amazingly good prices.
When I felt it necessary, the day before buying my bike!, I called the company which had quoted the best and went through the details with the sales person. She confirmed that the price for the policy wouldn’t be ’ quite the same as the price on the internet '; in fact it was almost £400 more.
But she did put me through to a service called Call Connection (CC) who took some basic details and then came up with a short list of companies they recommend.
The service is great - CC puts you through to the relevant insurance company, do the usual quote business, hang up the phone and CC will call you back directly afterwards and put you through to the next one on the shortlist - all at their expense (although I haven’t checked my BT bill yet :wink: )

After one of the insurance companies misquoting, the guy who made the mistake gave me the number of MCE (0870 460 64 30) who apparently could do me a quote at the price he had misquoted (still with me?)
So I called MCE and talked to Rob who quickly took me through the whole thing and gave me a quote even cheaper than I had expected.
There were even mumblings of replacement leathers and mobile phone or something.

Bought the policy late Thursday afternoon, the policy pack was on my doorstep on Saturday morning. Couldn’t have been more timely IMO.

Of course, prices differ for each individual and the proof of good insurance company really comes when it’s claim time (hopefully never), and I have yet to go that far, but it looks good at the moment.