Praise M C Technics

Had my front suspension rebuilt and the rear shock refurbished at M C Technics. Great place, bike feels incredible, and finally no more ridiculous hand vibrations leaving me tingling after every ride.

Would highly recommend.

This the lot up in stowmarket?

Bloke on one of the CBR forums raves about them.

Its near my mums so will probably take it up there soon to get the forks serviced and the suspension set up.

Yep guys are in Stowmarket. Got to watch them work on my poor old knackered bike, was interesting and the difference it made was noticeable.

The odd thing is riding with a steering damper that actually works, as opposed to one that is knackered…I actually had a mild flash while riding back that the front wheel wasn’t on properly and was loose, until I remember I watched him fit it and TWICE go around checking every nut and bolt, it is just that is how the front wheel is supposed to work!