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police were useless yesterday, not interested in speaking to the mechanic to find out what the guy was like that was on it… I am 100% sure it would have ended up crashed or dumped somewhere if you hadn’t have found it :slight_smile:

Ordered my 2 meter series 4 almax today, will be with me tomorrow so will come collect from your garage tomorrow evening if possible mate?

smashing news!!

big up chips and jerry! great result!!- and a trueshow of what LB memebers can do.

your one lucky bugger leon!:smiley:

Excellent news and top work chips and jerry!!


This is some of the best news I have heard on this forum in a long while.

Massive well done to all involved in getting your bike back - huge effort on all fronts and big respect to those involved! :wink: This really is proper British spirit!


That’s great news!! I wish you had made a general request for help, I was off yesterday and would have been willing and able to churn around Kingston to help out. I would hope somebody would do the same for me.

You should really think about putting a tracker on that bike, next time you may not be so lucky.

£600 for a new ignition when a tracker would cost a fair bit less.



Unbelievable!! That is amazing news Leon, u really are the luckiest guy in the world I think!! :):):slight_smile:

Lets hope they get the fookers!

will look at other options, tracker is an idea as is changing the locks etc can see where lewis is coming from.

The lady at almax suggested a henry krank bird deterent :w00t: basically you fit a trip wire to the chain so if someone has a go a blank shotgun cartridge goes off!! totally legal and couldn’t draw more attention to your bike if you tried. brilliant idea if being left for a while

good news! :cool:

VERY Lucky man you are!

security, not sure if your able to get an anchor fitted? but if you can, look into Y-Anchors, feed your Almax through, fingers crossed could be pretty safe :slight_smile:

Trackers good too!

Honda want £70 for a new key/programming.

Found a place on ebay that will reprogram my ECU with two new keys. Meaning the pond life that has my key won’t be able to start my bike with the one he has for £220 which is a no brainer :smiley:

no problem. Pick it up when you want to - it’s not in the way at all and isn’t costing me anything.BTW, number 2 son wants a spin in your car :slight_smile: Number 1 still isn’t impressed with the space in the back tho. Re the Police, I thought the dog was going to start humping one of them for a moment.

Glad to hear u get it back, Leon. Your bike is a beauty!!

I would have definitely help u out as well if my bike is able to run legally on the road, lol…but apparently, she is naked at the moment, waiting for new fairing set to arrive :w00t:

Will pop down to see ur bike when my bike got repaired.

Take Care.


Hehe. So glad it came true. Well done all.

If I were you, I’d be looking for a nearby garage as well.

Maybe we should put up posts when bikes are stolen to see if anyone is local and can help as I was in Kingston yesterday and could have helped out.
I did see a guy in tracksuit bottoms and a Tshirt riding a CBR through town and wondered why anyone would have thought it was warm enough for that yesterday if you’re actually moving as opposed to stationary in traffic.
Really pleased you got it back. :smiley:

great news! well done leon, well done chips, well done jerry and well done the mechanic. really pleased for you mate.

Glad you got the bike back, great work Chips and co.:smiley:

go down the official Tracker route and get the good one. The guys at Oval didn’t believe how good it was until they moved it 2 meters off a ramp inside a building before my phone was ringing for a movement alert. It shocked all of 'em. best chance ur bike has :slight_smile:

congrats fella

and for the quoted cost for a new barrel earlier, you can get a lifetime subscription. cheaper that the insurance costs youll suffer for a loss :frowning:

Great news!!

As for new barrel and keys etc, what about trying to get a set of a brakers (ECU, ignition and keys)?

amazing news! one of the best things I’ve read since I’ve been on here! glad you’ve got your bike back in one piece