PRAISE- Lewisham Police

Some of you may have read the thread I posted a couple of weeks ago about the ****wit of a cager who rang me up threatening me about the minor collision we were in and trying to make me admit blame for it. Original post was here:

I rang the police as recommended by most of the people who replied to my post and told them about this and the situation that I live with an elderly relative and am seldom in. Lewisham police have been excellent, actually sounded interested in what I had to say, took note of it, offered help if I needed it and even rang me today to offer to ring the guy who threatened me and tell him to be a nice boy. I haven’t heard from the cager since so rather than inflame the situation by having the police call him I told them to leave it unless he actually calls again/ tries to carry out his threats. I’m posting this as I’m genuinely suprised that a) they could give a sh1t about a minor thing like this, and b) they were willing to help out and do something about it. Almost restores my faith in the world.

Unlike Ebike insurance, who I rang, sounded bored on the phone and they said ‘certainly sir we’ll make a note of it- but he says its your fault’. Idiot. I hope it was only the boy on the phone who was disinterested and the company themselves are a little more helpful in helping me in the defence of the claim.

Anyway- back to the point- thanks to Lewisham Police.

Threating people is an criminal offense. Police tried to deal with it. I wish you will sort your problems mate.