Praise - LB's The Sleeper

Having had one scare too many from my trusty Dell I splurged on a new Win8 Asus laptop, and then went completely bananas and ordered a hybrid Seagate drive to replace the rather tedious 5400rpm OE drive.

Sadly, both myself and my friend were caught out by Win8’s increased security and anti-piracy systems which didn’t like the new hard drive and ended up deciding not to boot into windows off either the new, the old or the recovery drive.

Enter stage right Karl who not only is a nice guy but works with Win8 in a professional capacity. He smartly kick the truculent laptop into working order (prob took him an hour to remedy my 10 days of mucking about I reckon) and now it’s as good as new. Nor did he make me feel like a meddling jack-ass, which would have been easy in truth.

The hybrid rocks, the laptop boots in record time, and I’m a happy bunny.

Cheers Karl

Drop him a PM with any computer issues - thoroughly recommended.

I need a computer tech sat by me at all times when using a lap top:D .

Andrew how’s windows 8?

Myself I don’t like Win 8, have it on my laptop. Even the most common apps aren’t in the App Store (Dropbox, Gmail) :frowning:

As soon as it boots, I hit desktop and spend my whole time there. It’s going to come free with new PC’s, that’s fine, it’s usable and all, but I wont be upgrading my PC to Win 8.

Windows 8 is terrible for laptops/desktops.

I used pretty much everything on here to make it less annoying.