Praise LB

Ive only been with the site a week, and have met some really genuine people, and that was proved last night when me and the wife came off on the A40 and had to go to hospital.

I called Adam h and Gina to let them know i wasn’t coming for obivous reasons!!

The next thing i knew they had pulled up on the otherside of the A40 to see if i needed any help, with Terry and 2 other people ( sorry im really bad with names ) then when i thought they had gone to the meet, they all turned up at the hosiptal.

Now for people that you have only just met that was an all round show of good character, and good friends.

Sorry to hear your news hun!

I hope you guys and the bike get better sharpish.

it was me and my missus - My name’s sean - and my missus is Christine AKA Lady Pillion Rider!

Every biker is a friend of mine!! Just glad you two weren’t badly hurt!

Hey Nick - Sorry to hear about your off and hope you and your wife are ok. Speedy recovery and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help

hope all ok, m8.

Thing is i find this with a few sites i am on, help is there etc.

Can only be a good thing.

Glad you and your wife are ok. I was really shocked when Terry and co told me what had happened. How is your lovely bike

sorry to hear of u r off but glad u both r ok .i heard about a bike off on the radio and i thought i hope it isnt someone i know but that may have been one later than yours .hope the bike isnt too bad.

good to hear you are all ok, was worried, hope you take it easy, let us know if we can do anything else?!

thank you all so much for your concern, the bike’s not too bad its getting picked up tomorrow so hopefuly i’ll be able to make the next round of BSB!!

Real sorry to hear about your accident Biscuit, hope you and the missus are okay and not put off at all. Wounds heal, but the mind takes a bit longer sometimes. The LB community is really story and this just goes to show it! Hope to see you out and about soon…

sorry to hear of your off mate hope you and your mrs are ok if there is anything i can do just drop me a pm


glad your ok mate and the wife…was horrified when i heard…

keep your chin up pal…and if you need anything…just gimmie a nod…

get better soon mate…and same to the mrs…

speak soon mate…


hi hun i did post up in this one as u did it twice!! wat i wanted to say was that we are just glad that we could help u!! and that we both hope that u and annie have a speedie recovery!!

if theres anything u want just scream hun!!! xxxxx

Oh crap! Sorry to here this Biscuit mate. Hope you, the missus and the bike are okay.

Ditto that

As i put on the other post, top people Adam and Gina & co…stars !!

Hey hun - hows the knee? Hope you and Annie are both feelin’ better real soon x

Thank you all again for all the help that’s been offered and kind words. It really means alot to the both of us.

Thought id show you my knee this will teach me not to wear jeans AGAIN!!!



Lucky it didnt spoil your tattoo

ewwww - that’s nasty!!

makes mental note not to ride in jeans