Praise - LB Members

I’d just like to say a big thanks and show my appreciation for a few members who have recently improved the LB home page with their interesting and creative writing.

Stevie Ramone expanded on a thread he posted on the forums explaining how he has decided to train for and take the bike test.
We’re hoping for the follow up article with the words - I passed at the end! Come on son!
Read his article here -

Panagiotis came up with a short story about his choices of biking travel to work.
Nice photo mate! And a great ‘feel good’ ending :wink:
Read the story here -

Most recently, PowerPuffGirl interviewed a racer friend of hers who works for Virgin Limobike which details the job, the rider and his kit!
Read the interview here -

All this goes to show that there are some interesting stories out there, and that it is worth sharing them.
So if you are interested in getting your words on the LB home page, please get in touch with me - via PM initially. I’d really like to hear your ideas.


Well done you lot :cool:

It’s great reading!

Without wishing to get into a group hug scenario ( :sick: ) and without speaking for the others, I gotta say that it wouldn’t have happened without Garret’s enthusiasm (and no doubt others working behind the scenes), nor LB Management approval, so as much praise goes to y’all for making it happen in the first place :smiley:

Aw… shucks… group hug anyways? :blush:

Ditto Garret’s comments - it’s great and thank you one and all.

thanks guys! :satisfied:

i bet there are some interesting stories out there :
first rebuild,
first kneedown
first kiss… err :hehe:

ps mine was def the creative!! :stuck_out_tongue:

mmmmm could it?