Praise - "keys in a post"

got my spare key today, works perfect.
def worth peace of mind, l was paranoid with just 1 key for my bike
ordered online, got it delivered to work (for safety yes:p) no hassle.

out of interest how did they know what key to cut?

Sounds like a mailorder swingers club :slight_smile:

Ooh i live here … please post my key to this address that fits my bike that is parked here… sorry i would just order a blank and get cut locally .

if I get a new front door key from them, the postman could let himself in and leave it in the kitchen table, most convenient.

it worries me that they can cut keys from photo’s…

I’ll get my delivered to a safe house.

I’m with TimR on this one, I buy blanks and get them cut. Wouldn’t trust this kind of thing (but thats just my opinion)

you give them key number that is on your original key and bike model and make.
l have used work address for delivery - bike is parked at home DUH :)) blond but not THAT blond :stuck_out_tongue:

@Abzero people have been able to cut keys from photos for a long long time, it’s a simple process and a huge reason to be careful with what you post online, couple of stories of people being broken into have gone around, they basically work out the blank, then using calipers, a pair of compasses and a bit of maths they can get the exact measurements for the key

it’s really clever!
unfortunately its very easy to misuse

I’m sure it’s a great company but I’d personally not be comfortable with using this! On both occasions I’ve bought a used bike and only had one key, I went to the key cutters straight away for a copy before it wore down so much that it looked all rounded off! (which has happened!)

Just wonder if you ride to work as well .?

Used them with no issues at all. Use security on your bike!

TimR this is London, dont be SO paranoid. I use two locks & tracker on my bike. seriously, even with a key, they wont JUST steal it like that :wink: l make it a bit harder for any “interested”