PRAISE: Kent Honda

The full story is here:

I got a puncture on our ride out which wrote off the tyre. Forutnatley it only deflated in their carpark. They were able to replace the tyre and get me on my way even though they were very busy and it was a Sunday. They even moved a few things around so I could be on the road quicker. People who were stopping at the adjacent cafe seemed to be on first name terms with most of the staff which was a good sign. Yes the tyre would have been cheaper at Essential Rubber but that was about 130 miles away and I was going no where.

Well done Joby, did you get any photos for your girl?

Did you have another coffee and comfort break?

Did you make out with the cute waitress?

Did you get yer hands dirty?

I did all the above without the poor excuse of a puncture and it didn`t cost me £150, just a made up phone number.:laugh: