Praise - Keihan Silencers

Went to get some ''rorty" cans for my Duc and saw

Staintune … £1250…:pinch:

Termis… £1350…:crazy:

Someone recommend Keihan - from Wor-cest-er-shire

Brilliant! Friendly people, quick delivery, threw in brackets, quick delivery,look fab and well made like a piece of jewellry…

and sound :D:D:w00t:

to top it all…

£420 !!! :smiley:

I’m one happy customer! They don’t do many bike types though…

Worth to mention they are BMW/Ducati (judging by web catalogue) or more brands?



BMW,Ducati,Norton,Moto Morini,Moto Guzzi,Laverda,Harley D only - no Jap brands

Also seems to concentrate on the Classics - shame they could make a mint if they broadened their range because they’re well made and very reasonable in price.