PRAISE, JFB Wheelie School

If your thinking of going to a Wheelie School I Highly recomend this one.

Ok it’s a bit of a drive (just under 3hours) but well worth it. He teaches Clutch up. You get a bike (600 Bandit) all to yourself. The bikes are fitted with a cut out device that stops you from flipping & get raised throughout the day as you progress. You don’t get to rely on it, as once you get some height you start to master the tecnic and keep just under where it cuts out.

He’s a real nice guy and excellent tutor. And I will definatly be going back there to further my riding skills.

All in all it is a fun day and I came away with what I wanted from it.

Highly Recomend

yes yes yes but where is the evidence? hummm pics?

Ness and Fridayman have em m8, there coming back today so should be up later.

Even got one of Shewolf sitting on Tug’s front mudguard

Yep, can’t recommend it enough. Pics will be up soon, I haven’t seen them yet either!!

nice fella.knows his stuff.makes you feel at ease very good day out

Like to see some pics. Me old sparing partner