Praise - Jap & German Bikes, Bermondsey

Took my Beemer down there yesterday for a service.

Handed over the keys at 8am, got a call at 1pm to say it was ready to pick up.

Rates were reasonable, def cheaper than going to BMW themselves, thats for sure. And he has all the BMW diagnostic equipment & spares on site.

Took around 20 mins to explain all that he did & what to keep an eye on, which is rare. Normally I just get handed the keys as they whisk the plastic out of my hand!! Guy definatley knows his way around a Beemer thats for sure.

The place ain’t much to look at, it’s one of railway arch type things. Marble floors & capuccino coffee machines won’t be found here.

But yep, first time I’ve used them & I’ll go back again. Not too shabby at all, you could do a lot worse.

will give them the benefit but when i tried to use they could not be ar5ed.

had a front wheel missing balance weight so asked if they would just balance it for me, they said no unless i bought a tyre and had it fitted. not as if its a big job is it.

must be a bmw/german thing.

Could be, there is a bit of snobbery when it comes to some BMW owners / dealers.

you reckon? lol

Just a smidge.