Praise Jamie for handyman work

Big Praise to Jaime for coming and fixing my clumsiness

Come over in the morning on time did the work quickly and even came back (leaving Thorpe park early) to add some finishing touches

all very well priced!

Where’s the after pic!?

And is that a new type of avant-gardé light fitting?! :Whistling:

thats a pic of google. the after pic cant be taken yet as i havent painted over it

did he come round and take your christmas lights down?

Did he re-sole your boots?:Whistling:




its a pic of google

Did he peel your cucumber?


Nah it ain’t! I’ve been to Google, doesn’t look like that…

lol … off. off google

this thread really hasn’t gone to plan has it.

Crickey that’s some smash, it’s made the lettering go backwards :smiley:


its russian :smiley:

Don’t you mean it’s off of google not off off?

i already did that joke yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:


Take your shoes off the bed.

Take your shoes off of the bed.