Praise J&S

Took my bike there for a service and they were great. Also did work under warranty even though the bike is out of warranty saving me about £75.

They are also very good for mail order too.
Glad you recieved good service

Which J&S did you go to?

The last time i visited the J&S store in Watford they wouldnt even let me use their toilet to have a pee so as you can imagine they didnt get any of my money !

New Malden mate. They are a friendly bunch, take my bike there for everything now unless things change in management or anything.

New Malden is the one i go to too… very good in there…
bought all my first gear in there a long time ago… very good when coming to new-lid time

good chaps and parking outside is nice… Never had servicing there… but might try in future.

I find George Whites factory outlet store in Slough better for gear. They have a cracking lid at the moment, the HJC Lordship, carbon helmet down to £135 from £270. They have a large selection depending on the budget. I got all my gear from Lamba and J&S before I learnt about George Whites.