Praise Infinity Motorcycles


With the cold spell about to start thought I’d get my winter Gloves that I bought last year out ( Bering battery powered heated gloves ).

Charged them overnight and put them on when I left for work at 5am and by 05:10 they’d stop working. Tbh it wasn’t cold enough to need the heat but having only bought them December last year was a bit annoyed.

However having no receipt, or not being able to find it I thought my chances of getting a refund were nil.

I contacted Bering and was simply told, not our problem, return them to where you purchased them with your receipt as you have a year warranty. In my Hunt for the gloves model name I searched for the gloves on infinities website and sue enough found them, noticing no reviews had been left I left an honest review, great gloves but had stopped working after one winters use.

Next day I had an email from their customer service who said there had been a recall on the gloves and to pop into a store and they’d be exchanged no questions asked.

Now have lovely pair of RST heated gloves, they’re much warmer than the Bering without the heated element on that’s for sure and time will tell if the heating is better (not that cold yet!)


What a result! I’ve bought a fair few bits from them so good to know there on the ball.

Probably a bit late now but the gerbings (assuming you like them? Actually come with a lifetime warranty on all the electrics. So even without the receipt you’re covered.

Not cheap though that’s the only thing…


Not according to their after sales team, only a one year


One of you is talking about Berings & the other about Gerbings!


Says internal wiring is life time on here. Suspect the salesman did not know what he was talking about.




Gerbing’s warranty cover all the entire electrical side for life. I’ve had gloves and controllers replaced many times when they’ve died. Though, they do ask for a receipt as proof of purchase. Though I’m about to dig out my last pair for their third winter, so quality has definitely been improving.