Praise - Infinity Hanger Lane

First time post for me and i’m new to the biking game.

Walked into Infinity today looking for a new jacket, being new to this I had some idea what I was looking for but not entirely sure. Honestly say got some of the best customer service I’ve had in ages!

Guys there sorted me out really well, nice friendly conversation and really usefull advice for a new rider, best bit of advice “throttle works both ways” (sounds daft but after the amount of "you’ll kill yourself comments its nice to get abit of common sense!)

Slightly gutted though, from previous posts I seem to have miss out on my cuppa tea!

Cheers guys and thanks for the best wishes with the DAS.

(Hope the Daytona sells for you soon as well fella :wink: )

+1, cheers for sortin me out with the jacket and jeans jonny n kerry & the other young lady who was only there for a short while, never been so warm on ma bike :D, great cuppa coofee too jonny will be popping in for some more of them, will get up there b4 the trackday if i can to get that back protector :cool: