Praise _ Infinity Farnborough

I can’t give enough praise to the fellas over in Farnborough. Especially Adam.

I went over on Tuesday to buy a new helmet. The one I wanted wasn’t in stock but after a good chat I decided to order it.

They called me Wednesday to tell me the suppliers had it in stock, called me Thursday to tell me it had been ordered, called me today to say it had been delivered and are gonna call me tomorrow to tell me when Karl Harris has turned up so I can pop over to get him to sign his replica for me.

Many thanks guys…top stuff

yeah also praise where it is due

I went there last weekend to buy a new one piece leather suit, not an insignificant investment. The chaps there qualified what i was wanting it for (track day use) and went off fetching different items for me to try, sizing etc. not how it used to be at Infinity Farnborough. I wonder if they have a new manager