Praise: Infinity Clapham Clothing Dept.


So some may know that I’m a regular at this establishment. And previously, I thought twice about posting because of this. However, I feel like I need to tell you guys that since the first time I set foot in there (when I was 18), they have always remembered me. Not necessarily my name but me.

So story goes that I pop in because I want an SR1, so I try it on. It feels a bit tight but that’s ok. I was still thinking about it… I got in the following week to think about the S2, but no stock. Helmet city had stock, but I wasn’t able to make the ride due to the ex wanting to show her face round mine. So, at infinity again, this time to try on a few Arai’s. Still walked away with nothing.

So now on to today. Walked in, was warmly greeted by the guys, and Dan came over. He knew exactly what I was there for. And immediately started running around sorting me out. Well I tried on the RX7. Great Helmet, soft pads, really snug fit too. Also got to try the S2, which I was told it’s arrival was quite recent in store. So tried in on. The S2 was a huge let down, it didn’t feel like what I expected of the helmet.

Anyway, I digress. Infinity @ Clapham are awesome. The fact that they remember me, and now by name. Well that’s amazing. I’m a regular of other stores of this size too, and I don’t get the same level of service. Hell, even the company I work for doesn’t offer this level of service and care. My point is on several occasions, I popped in either for some advice, supplies, or even just for a chat.

The result is, I’m still going to be a regular customer, I highly recommend them, and they are on my BBQ invitees list for when I finally get my **** together.

Edit: I know I mentioned one guy by name, but this is really more about the whole Dept. Chris, Dan, Luciano, and there is another guy who’s name I have never taken…