Praise - if you ever visit the Highlands of Scotland

Not just praise for the roads and stunning scenery. But if you need somewhere to stay, I can recommend the biker-friendly Bracarina House (a B&B at Invermoriston):

(complete with biker!)

(complete with bikes!)

We’ve stayed there twice now, 2 years in a row. It’s a fair old slog but if you’re going that far, Invermoriston makes a perfect base. No touring around for us - we droped all our stuff and returned to base at the end of the day. The West coast, John O’Groats and Aberdeen are all within reach of a day’s return trip. There’s a nice bit of concrete on the drive to rest your bike on and it’s right on the A82. A stone’s throw from fantastic roads up to Inverness and The Kyle of Lochalsh. Block bookings are the best bet - hikers from Glasgow to Inverness up the Lochs tend to nibble away at bookings 1 day at a time.

I can’t sing praise highly enough, the least I can do is pop in a good word here.

You Geordie bastid!

I called you the other day cos me and Shewolf were in your manor (well on the A413 heading to Aylesbury).

Thanks for the heads up about the place to stay. I will make use of it when I finally do my Scottish tour.

Was that on Monday? I was at work!

Yeah…What time do you work till then?