(Praise) Hien and Gericke Kenton/Harrow

I have to give Hien and Gericke Kenton/Harrow all the praise in the world as I now work there got tired of sitting at home waiting for my leg to heal so I got a job there, it made perfect sense as I spend a lot of my money there anyway, I now get discount on everything and the foools pay me to talk about bikes

Lol cool job. I’ve been looking 4 work too i need money to keep the mito running lol. How did you apply, just walk in there and ask 4 a job? Would Heine Gericke hire someone like me, a 17 year old just for part-time work?

Sharpshooter myself and four friend use that shop weekly so I picked up the phone as the manager knows me well and this is how the phone call went…

Da Artist Steve I heard you may have a part time job going
Steve I may
Da Artist May I have that part time job you may have going
Steve I don’t see why not Da Artist I have your number ill give you a ring in a few weeks

One week later in the middle of Moto Gp he calls, we talk about Rossi and he say come see me tomorrow that was last Monday, last tuesday I started my first day AND I LOVE IT

As for you getting a job, ill ask him the pays crap so a second job helps, but he hired a guy on crutches who does nothing but insult him all day so as long as you love bikes and don’t mind working for poor pay your in with a chance. (PM me your real name, saying sharpshooter wants a job just ain’t going to work lol)

Thanks but Harrow’s a bit far for me lol. I’m guna try and get one somewhere closer like Hein Gericke Gants Hill. Got an interview for marks and spencers on Friday so depending on how that goes I might have to take you up on your offer

Congrats on the new job DA and I know where to come when I want a discount on HG kit

I like the HG stores at Gants Hill and Kenton (esp. Kenton, they’ve been good to me).

Don’t go messing them up Especially with bravura about two strokes sharpshooter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay well when you come to the till or see me in the store mention LB, I served a guy today at lunch time who mentioned LB after he had paid, we got chatting & he missed out on any discount he may have got

Oh and our manager is a great guy but hates giving discount

P.S. LB stickers on sport bikes or rare bikes help as I always go outside and take a look at them

Lol I do like some 4 strokes, but it’s gotta be a blue and white…definitely not a kwak ergh

Clinton, you can’t give praise to your own shop!!!

I must admit though, all the guys down there are cool… except for that new guy on crutches! You have a really good sale point going though with your leg all smashed up. See how much your sales go down when you take it off and can walk without crutches! lol


Nicely done sir! Suits you very well!

I dunno, i walked into that shop to ask directions and walked out with £1500 worth of gear!! damn that cunning sales man with the tinted glasses :stuck_out_tongue:

(its kinda funny cos DA’s got an Alpinestar badge on his cast, its like its an official Alpinestar Product, i recon they might have missed a market there, Alpinestar branded casts and crutches heheh)

Such an abuse of this forum, DA Congrats on the job, I’ll keep it in mind the next time something wears out or needs replacing, or takes my fancy (Mmmmm, Hodgson rep Suomy…). I’ll give you a clump of flyers as well the next time you’re at Cubana mate, and you can leave them on the counter in the shop!

Jay the flyers idea is great but bring them to the Ace on a Friday or Sunday as i’m most likely to be there

Reap the crutches are USD Ohlins forks (Decals will be made tomorrow)

More praise. Rather friendly young chap helped me to decide to buy a voyager III jacket (in red) to replace my battle-scarred Dainese textile. A snip at £120.

It was given a trial by rain saturday and sunday. And it kept me toasty warm this morning on the way back own to London. I never had an inner jackt on the Dainese. Cheers!

Thanks for the praise but you know you should have said you were a LONDONBIKER you would have got 10% off.

“fools” being the operative word!!

Sorry Clinton, the people who work in hein gericke gants hill? perfect…no problem…the clothing esp jackets err…not so good …bought first one few mths ago…supposed to be waterproof? soaked me first downpour…so it goes back, i part with £93 on top of price i paid for non waterproof jkt…and off i go, only to get caught in rain yesterday on way to ace?..gloves and jkt soaked through !!! money and moby ruined, water running down everything it can run down…and me cold and fuming!!..not a pretty site…so today, back to shop, parts with another £30, plus £28 for a anti fog visor…and will be trying out my 3rd jkt in as many months to see if its really waterproof and does what it says on the label…PLEASE let this be 3rd time lucky !!!

Oh, each time the tickets said “waterproof” blah blah…so dont ask me what happened?

Wear Alpinestars gear like me the only HG clothing I wear are boots and thats because my leg is still to swollen to fit in SMX+'s

Hien Gericke clothing is normally top quality stuff all the shop sells is Gortex so they should be getting it right by now any more problems give me a call/PM ill get it sorted.

Blade what was the gear that got you all wet