Praise - HelmetCity

What can I say - I needed a new lid and had tried most of the Arai and Shoei’s but wanted to try more.
So off I trotted to HelmetCity yesterday and was mighty impressed.

I think it was Sue who dealt with me.
There were no hurrying and time was not an issue. I must have tried nearly every make of helmet in the shop - There were loads.

AGV’s are a no no for me :frowning:
Aria Chaser is an OK fit
Sharks came close.

But in the end went for a Shoei XR1100 and a good price too.

I also tried flip front for the first time and was impressed, but not for me.

Sue knowledge of her whole stock was second to none, and she talked me through the pro’s and con’s of each lid. Even explaining the manufacturing process.

Take it from me - If you’re in the market for a new lid - you could go far wrong by not making the effort and taking a trip to Kent.