Praise - Helmet City

I had a few problems with a Shark Evolinehelmet i bought from them it got exchanged for an Evo-etec which had similar problems…wouldnt open, top of visor scrathced the helmet above the opening etc.

Anyway, after a few calls and 1 return to the factory for repairs they let me select a different helmet which is flippin great.

Top effort from them and i will cwertainly be using them again.

Went there today and walked away with a Shoei. Excellent service.

just picked up a new Arai Chaser in Colin Legend Blue, great place (once you have found it !) and very good customer service, would highly recommend them

helmet city aint a bad place looked at a bell carbon helmet(its the muts nuts super light but bet its very noisey) 500 quid! knocked off 50 quid when i stepped back and raised one eyebrow! still a lil too much for me but there a few other good cheapish deals like the shark union jack i think was 180 think you could do a deal if you flashed the cash and knew what you wanted though, i will be back there when i have more money.

check out the reptile zoo next door might see yr muther in law in a tank:hehe:

Absolutely c**p website - and the store is a very long way for me. Shame as I am looking for a good source of my next helmet.

if you know what you want, just give them a call and they can do you a deal im sure