Praise- Hein Gericke

I bought a pair of Alpinestar SMX plus boots last June and the other week the zip came apart and bit of the streachy material came away and the zip pull broke, so i found the recipte and phoned the shop in Kenton Road Harrow about the boots, they asked me to email pictures of the boots to send to Italy as they might have to go away to be repaired and asked to come into the shop.

So this morning i went into the shop and they said they would give me a new pair of boots, but they only had SMX Plus in red or blue or wait a week for a black pair, but as i needed a pair of boots which wont break up on me as im riding on the motorway everyday i said can i swap them for a pair of SMX-R which are £20 cheaper and they said yes and they`ll give £20 credit which was brill.

Now why can`t other shops be like that and help the customer instead of hinder them.

So a great big Thank you to Hein Gericke in Harrow for your help.

I shopped there a couple of weeks ago. They were really helpful.
The same can be said about the HG shop between Elephant and Castle and Clapham, they were equally great.