Praise - Hein Gericke - Welling

I went there today with a friend as she was looking for a her first bike jacket so as it is just down the road from her and Sincere & Flyby had said that they had a good service there we thought that we would give it a go.

I was very impressed with the service you don’t get jumped upon as soon as you walk in the door but as we where trying on jackets we where asked if we needed any help and so followed a very helpful and relaxed jacket trying session.

I was also very impressed with the range of stuff they stock and not just clothing. I am defiantly going to be using them again and would recommended anyone passing pop in and have a look.

Not to sure if it is official parking but there is off road parking round the side and back of the shop and the manager/owner told me that he is now doing late night opening on a Wednesday which I thought was a handy thing to know.

The manager is a mate of mine

The service is always great, and nothing is too much trouble

If you mention LB, you may get a little more off the asking price.

They are helpful. I’ve just done a bit of shopping here. Had my bike dynoed there a couple of weekends ago too. Nice people who are friendly and glad to help. No pressure to buy either.

the alley way parkign is for the HG shop, but every tom dick and harry parks there. The dyno was for an open day wasnt it?

I used to enjoyed working there :slight_smile: