Praise - Gerbings heated gloves

Fantastic, much better than heated grips as they warm the whole hand and actually get too warm making it necessary to use the supplied switched wiring.

I actually bought these at the end of 2010 from Hein Gericke for £99 (only just started using them a couple of weeks ago though), but unfortunately they have gone up by £50.

They’re actually pretty warm without using any powered heat.

In fact, my only gripe is that they’re a bit too bulky to fit properly underneath the cuff of my jacket, not allowing the cuff to be zipped up fully which can lead to exposed wrists. You can secure them snugly to the hand though with the wrist strap so they don’t let in any rain water.

Excellent and still worth it at the increased price, especially if like me you suffer from cold fingertips in any other glove (even the 3 or 5 fingered HG Pathan gloves which I’d say are the warmest non heated winter glove).