Praise - Geoff at Meridian Training.

Knowing that grinding out the same commute everyday does nothing for your riding I wanted to do some form of training this year.

At DanielGT’s suggestion I did my Enhanced Rider Scheme and yesterday got the snappily entitled ‘Certificate of Riding Competence’.

Took two morning rides with him to sort out my right hand bends (too early turn in making me too close to the white line), overuse of the front brake and do the assesment. My riding is much smoother and faster as a result.

He is a really good guy, sensible, doesn’t pick you up on trivial stuff and aims to get you riding fast and smooth. He gives a LB discount and the ERS carries a 10% discount with most (and happily my) insurers.

For those LB’ers who have been riding 3-4 years and like me have developed some ropey habits since passing their test… thoroughly recommend.

The fact I had a massive moment on the way home due to overenthusiam and a big deisel patch is another matter entirely.

Congratulations :). You’ll make your ERS money back in no time through insurance saving and you’ve had a good experience which is the main thing.

I’m working with Geoff through IAM gaining my Advanced Licence along with one of my Team at work.

Top bloke, came highly recommended to me too. :slight_smile: