Praise.... FWR

Forgot to post at the weekend, so here it is…

Went to FWR on Saturday for a set of Power 3’s, they were the cheapest place to get them and some threads guided me to them from previous praise. There were quite a few there when i got there and the guy on the counter said it would be around two hour wait, this was fine as it was all i had planned for the day.

He offered me a tea or coffee and i asked is there anywhere I can get a Redbull and he said just round the corner, if you grab 6 cans of Coke and a bottle of water he’ll pay for my Redbull…Good so far!

Was having a chat and laugh with the other guys that were there and time was going quickly, they took my bike in and fitted the tyres - when it was done he gave me Michellin’s voucher for the power 3’s - £25 fuel voucher and then gave me a free can of chain lube as I had to wait for nearly 2 hours - Definatley going back there for next tyres!

Did you not get Bob to take the bike out and scrub them in for you :hehe:

Just started to rain and he didn’t have his wet weather gear! Lol

I was down there on Saturday too, got a front tyre puncture, it was very busy but they were great, sorted it out no problem and knocked £5 off for the wait.

What time were you there, must have seen you as I did see a guy with a fazer!

Went there today.

Prise bit:

Was looking to replace rear Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corso, plenty of life in front one, so waste to throw it out. Done few phone calls, and asked some LB’er to help me with this as well. Anyway, prices was between 140 (ER with LB discount) to 175 motorcycletyresuk, shame that Essentials did not have it on the shelf so next price was FWR £146.40 fitted.
The whole work on the bike took no more than 15 minutes I believe they enjoyed bike as they said they have this model first time (up to the point of riding in and out from the garage).
I’ve done “farewell” power-slide to confirm that they done good job.

Shame or more like distaste, something which you have after food which is not great but good enough and you were very hungry at time.
I would do some time table and tell that the job will take 20 min and 90 min of wait so you can go somewhere for drink or snack.
The approach to the bike/wheel, unfortunately my wheels are black but aluminium as such is not so now I can exactly tell you in which part of the rim they mounted tyre on that fancy machine. Do this bother me, yes. Is it visible, not much. Is this should be taking care off. Damn yea.


Very nice shop, staff/management friendly, they know what they doing, but unfortunately they have to many clients and no time to take care about simple jobs (I hope only simple jobs). Price wise they are very competitive,bear in mind that Essential quoted me only 6.40 cheaper and that with some LB discount (10% or smth). If I need use them again, I will. Do I spread the word about them not necessarily.


I was there this morning great service and advice. was after some new Pirellia Diablo Corsa Rosso’s for my trackday next week ended up with some supercorsa’s to try for practically the same price.

Highly recommend these guys, definitely worth the short trip in to town and the wait.


I guess I caught them on a bad day. I called yesterday to buy a pair of Michelin Pilot Road 3’s, gave the guy my sizes and he said he’d have to check and give me a call back. Gave him my number and waited till near the end of the day - nothing, so I call up again and someone else answers the phone and says I’ll have to call back tomorrow to find out if they have them.

Ended up buying at Essential Rubber – £234 for the pair (120/70/17 & 160/60/17), vs the FWR quote (I think £275 which would be £250 with the voucher).

Still, everyone can have an off day, they may have just been busy, they lost business by not calling back but I’ll try again next time I’m around, if only because they’re closer to me than ER!

^^^^ that looks a very good price from essential rubber. always been using fwr up until now …

The place (FWR) was rocking with people today, a little wait (at their prices only to be expected) and a bit of perseverance got me a massive saving on my 3 local garages. They didn’t even have stock!! I would have had to wait until middle of next week apparently. One shop said they stay on the shelf too long to keep. well at the prices they are asking I can see why!!

Sounds like both places are worthy of a shout.


What bike you were on today?


Green gen3 zx10r, was you there at the same time?

Perhaps :stuck_out_tongue:
The green one with apple sticker, and dragons, dragons everywhere… (talking about gear)


Yep, Arlen ness dragons. What was your ride?

Really, that question after my avatar :stuck_out_tongue:

Street Triple R Matt Grey. You’ve seen me, I’ve seen you :stuck_out_tongue: next time we may even had a chat as waiting without chatting companion was a bit painful.


so glad i fit my own tyres lol

Doh silly me… Saying that I couldnt tell you what yours was from that angle sorry… but yep maybe next time if I see one there il say hello. Looks like I may be back soon as I have already done me Supercorsa’s in using it at a trackday at Silverstone Yesterday, add a few road miles and its going to have to go in the bin by the end of the monh so that didnt last long… I think ill be going back to the Cors Rosso`s next time at least I got 2 trackdays and some road miles out of them.

Well :slight_smile: you have parked next to my bike, initially so yes it is funny.
I’ve got Rosso Corsa, not bad for summer, kind of poor when is wet and rainy. I have another 4-5k now on my set so few months don’t have to do anything with it. Send me PM when you be going Ace or maybe BM on some Wednesday.


Normally H cafe or On yer bike for me. But will do if I venture in.

Even MORE praise for them today! Sorted me with a power 3 front after shredding my 2CT’s on Monday - Absolute DIRT cheap price!